Communication-Skills Workshop Participants

Following are a few suggestions to help you with your feedback. When you click on the Workshop Acknowledgment Process this page will remain in the background for reference.

1.    Was the workshop of value?
2.    Did the value stay with you—do you still find yourself using what you learned?
3.    Have others acknowledged you for your communication skills?
4.    Have you shared or taught others some of what you learned?
5.    Do you presently live in an environment that supports/requires zero withholds?
6.    Do you clear regularly with one or more people?
7.    How has your participation in the workshop effected your prosperity?
8.    Have you used what you learned to support your own and others’ health?
9.    Enrollment Team Participants, was the enrolling experience of value?
10.  What about the workshop has bothered you the most?
11.  Do you notice that you have a better understanding of communication than your friends/most people?
12.  What would you advise someone who is thinking about doing the workshop?
13.  What impact, if any, has the workshop(s) had in your relationships, throughout your community, or the Big Island?
14.  Have you used the Bewith Process? (yes, never)
15.  Do you recommend the workshop for teachers, police, elected officials, our prison inmates?
16.  Have you noticed a difference in your commitment to keeping agreements?
17.  Have you noticed a difference in your ability to create agreements that work?
18.  Have you noticed a difference in your ability to support others in keeping their agreements?
19.  What would you like to communicate to Kerry?
20.  What would you like to communicate to ComCom's board members?

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