Names of Workshops

Community Communications has delivered the following communication-skills workshops throughout the State of Hawaii.

  • The Communication-Skills Workshop for Community Leaders (a.k.a. The Intro)
  • The Relationship Communication-Skills Workshop
  • The Family Communication Workshop
  • The Organization Communication Workshop
  • The Beyond Sex—Intercourse, a communication-skills workshop
  • The Advanced Communication-Skills Workshop
  • The Breathwork-Communication Workshop
  • The Anger Workshop

Over 50% of the workshop participants* have attended two or more workshops.
Over 25 participants have attended 15 or more workshops.

Some Completion Form Critiques of Workshops

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* participant: Once a person enrolls in a workshop they become a participant. Our workshops do not have graduation ceremonies therefore there are no graduates. We hold that we are all participants in the never-ending educational process of communication mastery. The purpose of our workshops is to experience an expanded ability to create mutually satisfying communications. The purpose of the workshop is always expanding upon itself. The criteria by which we measure our communication skills is whether or not another experiences us as being supportive.

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